Commercial Properties

Delta Management Company owns several commercial and industrial properties in and around the Vancouver, Washington area.

Below you will find links to our commercial properties and you can visit each website by clicking their names below the map to see which units may be available, pricing, and get other information.

Map of Our Commercial Properties

Commercial Property Listings

  1. Airport Industrial Warehouses
    Airport Industrial Warehouses

    207-229 E. Reserve Street, 1901-1923 E. 5th Street
    Vancouver, WA 98661
    53 Total Units, 0 Currently Available

  2. Contractor Village Warehouses
    Contractor Village Warehouses

    5301-5305 N.E. 121st Avenue
    Vancouver, WA 98682
    137 Total Units, 6 Currently Available

  3. Park Warehouses
    Park Warehouses

    1770 NE 65th Avenue
    Vancouver, WA 98661
    10 Total Units, 0 Currently Available

  1. Contractor Depot Warehouses
    Contractor Depot Warehouses

    12308 N.E. 56th Street
    Vancouver, WA 98682
    70 Total Units, 1 Currently Available

  2. Delta Plaza Commercial Spaces
    Delta Plaza

    3223 Columbia House Blvd.
    Vancouver, WA 98661
    5 Total Units, 5 Currently Available

  3. U-Rent Warehouses
    U-Rent Warehouses

    5951 E. 18th Street
    Vancouver, WA 98661
    14 Total Units, 2 Currently Available

Visit any of the websites above or contact us for unit availability, pricing, and other information.

Current Vacancies

You can also see our current commercial vacancy postings on craigslist here:

Current Commercial Listings on Craigslist

If you have questions on any of these properties that you cannot find on their individual websites, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

Last Edited: 01/04/2024